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The Body Bar is a family-run premier aesthetic practice located in the heart of the Inland Empire – Corona, CA. We are an all inclusive, state of the art medical spa that prides itself on our client oriented customer service, ground breaking aesthetic modalities with life-changing results, and a focus on optimizing our patients to the best versions of themselves possible. We focus on improving confidence, providing empowerment, and an overall healthier, more satisfying quality of life. While we continue to offer traditional services that have withheld the test of time, we aim to provide services to our patients that are innovative, research driven, science backed, and most importantly, the ability to see effective results. Our patients are real people with real-life wear on their bodies and we aim to rejuvenate those very imperfections. We want to make you feel as beautiful as you look on the outside. We are purpose driven with the sole purpose of serving our patients. Our expert team of medical professionals will work with you to help identify your goals and desires and provide solutions to help you get there. We understand that everyone has their own needs and will work with you as a team to achieve them. Less downtime, more results.

We promise an experience you’ve never felt before. Welcome to The Body Bar I.E.

- The Body Bar Team

Shafaq Awan

Founder, MSN

Shafaq Awan is an MSN with a passion for the aesthetics medical spa field. She has an eye for perfection, ensuring every detail is meticulously attended to, creating an unparalleled experience for patients at the Body Bar Medical Spa. Her dedication to excellence and personalized care makes every visit to the medical spa an extraordinary journey towards beauty and well-being.

Dr. Rashid Awan

Founder, Medical Director

Dr. Rashid Awan is an Inland Empire native. Born and raised in Southern California, Dr. Awan has grown up in the very community he aims to serve. He loves the aesthetics field and is an expert at his craft, dedicating his skills and passion to enhancing the beauty and confidence of his patients. In addition, he trains others to be the best at what they do, ensuring the highest standards in the industry.

The Body Bar's Team

Dr. R Awan (MD)

Dr. S Awan (MD)

Shana Awan (MSN)

Nisa Guerrero (RN)

Christina Guzman (RN)

Bree Morales (RN)

Natalie Desantiago (RN)

Brenda Cabrera (RN)

Christina Guzman (RN)

Victor Fabian (PR)

Ximena Miranda (Esthetician)

Hala Gouda (MA)

Gisselle Zamora (MA)


Opening of the first The Seven boutique

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