Super immune boost



Defend & Supercharge


A combination of IV fluids with high-dose vitamin C, zinc, and antioxidants to supercharge your immune system and help you recover from illnesses faster.
INGREDIENTS: B-Complex Vitamins, Vitamin B12, High-Dose Vitamin C, Zinc Booster, High-Dose Glutathione
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Best Uses for Beauty IV

Advanced immune support

Shorten illness recovery

Strengthen immunity

Mega-boost of antioxidants

Take our Immune Boost IV to the Next Level with Our Super Immune Boost

The first line of defense against infections starts from within. Our Super Immune Boost IV treatment provides your body with high-dose vitamin C, antioxidants, and hydration to help fight off infection and keep your immune system strong year-round.

Even better, we deliver directly to you. Whether you have a busy schedule, are at home under the weather, or want to avoid potential exposure to viruses at a clinic, we make it easy to give your immune system a boost.

Your Immune System Needs a Boost to Fight Infections

Whether you have an infection from a virus, a cold, or the flu, having an illness puts extra demands on the body during the recovery process. Your body needs more vitamins and hydration than usual to fight off your infection. Boosting your antioxidant levels can also help accelerate the recovery process by removing excess free radicals that contribute to cellular damage.

Hydration is an essential part of recovering from illness, but it’s not always easy to drink a lot of fluids when sick, especially if you have nausea or a sore throat. IV treatments are administered directly into your bloodstream for maximum absorption and fast effect.