Corporate Wellness Programs

Keep employees’ health a top priority and increase workplace productivity with our on-site wellness services.

IV Drip Therapy

Custom IV Drips that boost energy and immune health to optimize workplace productivity.

Vitamin Wellness Shots

Our wellness shots provide an immediate source of energy, immunity, and other beauty and health benefits.

Spa Services

Help your team relax by offering massages and facials from our licensed professionals. (Only available in select markets)

IV Drip Therapy

IV treatments can help support immune function, improve energy levels, reduce the frequency of illness in your office, and help increase employee productivity.

Our most popular IV treatments include the following:

  • Energy Boost
  • Recovery
  • Immunity
  • All-Inclusive

Wellness & Flu Shots

Wellness injections are a fast and efficient way to deliver vitamins and nutrients with better absorption than taking supplements orally.

Our most popular wellness shots include:

  • Energy
  • Immunity
  • Beauty & Health
  • Metabolism Boost

In addition, we can help facilitate a healthy workplace during the annual flu season by administering Flu shots to your employees.

Customized Wellness Plans

We will work with you to create custom programs that best service organizations of all sizes.

An example package for a company of 30 people might include:

  • 10 Energy Boost IV’s
  • 20 Vitamin Wellness shots
  • 3 hours with onsite masseuse


Let’s work together to find the best solution to improve employee wellness both in and out of the workplace!