Semaglutide and Tirzepatide Medical Weight Loss in Corona, CA

The same active ingredient in Wegovy®* and Ozempic®* for only $297 per Month. Same price, regardless of dose.  

No Hidden Fees. No Surprises. No Memberships.

How Does This Weight Loss Treatment Work?

Semaglutide and Tirzepatide are once-weekly injectable prescription medications that can assist patients with long-term weight management.

This treatment works to facilitate weight loss in several ways, including:

  • Reducing appetite
  • Helping you feel full for longer
  • Helping you feel full quicker

These treatments are most effective as part of a comprehensive weight loss program that may include exercise, behavioral changes, calorie restriction, and diet changes as determined by a physician. Unlike many other weight loss medications, this medication can be used for long-term weight loss management.


Price:  Semaglutide ($297/month) , Tirzepatide ($525/month)


  • Telemedicine visit with our medical provider
  • Weekly check-ups (if shots are administered at our clinic)
  • 4 weeks of shots (1 administered every week)
  • Week to week assessments to optimize treatment (at-clinic only)

Does not include:

  • Cost of any required labs or health checks

Compounded Semaglutide (GLP-1 Weekly Injections)

Semaglutide is the active pharmaceutical ingredient in Ozempic®* and Wegovy®* that has helped thousands of people lose and maintain weight loss in combination with diet and exercise. The Body Bar Medical Spa offers compounded medications exclusively from licensed sterile compounding pharmacies in the United States only.

What is compounded Semaglutide?

Compounded Semaglutide is a medication tailored for individual patients, created in a compounding facility licensed by the state Board of Pharmacy or the FDA, based on a prescription from a licensed healthcare provider. These compounded drugs must use ingredients exclusively from FDA-licensed facilities and undergo testing for potency, sterility, and purity.

Although compounded drugs are legal, they do not receive pre-market approval from the FDA since they are not produced in large batches for the general public. Instead, they are made based on specific orders from a medical professional. As a result, the dosage, route of administration, and efficacy may vary from commercially available, brand-name drugs.


How it Works

Health Check & Lab Test

Lab tests or other health checks may be required. These are not covered by our monthly treatment plan costs.

Telemedicine Consultation

Online or in-person consult with our medical provider.

At-Clinic or At-Home Shipment

Have your 4 weeks dosage shipped to your home or to our clinic.


Self-administer injections at home or have them administered at our clinic under professional supervision.

*Disclaimer: The FDA-approved brand name drugs, such as Wegovy®, and Ozempic® are exclusively available from the Novo Nordisk™ company. Mounjaro™ is
exclusively available from Eli Lilly and Company™.  The Body Bar does not claim any affiliation with, or endorsement from, the above mentioned products or entities.
We do not offer any of the above mentioned products, anyone seeking said products should discuss options with their licensed healthcare provider or pharmacist.